Who Is Dale Kietzman?

February 11, 2021 0 Comments

Our school bears his name. What is it about his life that engenders respect, inspiration and faith? 

Dr. Dale Kietzman was influential in the establishment of several prominent ministries: Open Doors, Corrie ten Boom, ASSIST and ASSIST News Service. As such he was a friend and colleague of Brother Andrew and Corrie ten Boom. He was also friends with Dr. David Yonggi Cho of South Korea and was integral in arranging the visits of Dr. Billy Graham as well as President Jimmy Carter to North Korea. 

Many of his ministry years were spent in Latin America. Working for Wycliffe Bible Translators, he and his wife Harriet were missionaries in Peru and Brazil and helped translate the Bible into indigenous tribal languages. Later, Dr. Kietzman was the U.S. Director of Wycliffe Bible Translators. From the rigors of a jungle lifestyle to the challenges of Bible translation he and his family were missionaries in a primitive environment. In one incident while traveling down the Sepahua River, their raft struck a submerged tree causing his wife and baby to be flung into the rushing waters. With God’s help and her strong swimming they all survived, including their baby who was in her arms the whole time. 

Dale Kietzman served as the President of Totonac Bible Center in Mexico, whose outreach expanded into other Latin American countries. Because of this expansion, Totonic Bible Center’s name was changed to Latin American Indiginous Missions or LAIM.

Dr. Dale Kietzman also assisted Chancellor Andre Talla in the formation of Dale Kietzman Academy and Institut Supérieur Dale Kietzman. His wisdom and insights were foundational for our school. Born in Gary Indiana, Dr. Dale Kietzman now lives in the presence of Christ. On February 12, 2015 he died and stepped from earth into heaven at the age of 90. He lived for Jesus Christ for nine decades and is an unsung hero of the faith. His legacy lives on as we realize this truth:  a life of great leadership comes from serving others.

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