Library Resources

Library Resources

Dale Kietzman Academy has an extensive collection of e-books available for student use. It also requires that all students subscribe annually to Questia, the on-line library. Students upon enrollment receive passwords to access the resources available to them.

  • You all may already know of this site:
  • The link above is to The Christian Classics Ethereal Library. It is a digital library of hundreds of classic Christian books.
  • The online server reaches several million different users each year.

If you are seeking Open Access book sources, here are a few:

Directory of Open Access Books. To date “it has 1418 Academic peer-reviewed books from 49 publishers “There is a newsletter for which you may register.

The European counterpart covering the Humanities and Social Sciences, OAPEN, Open Access, Publishing in European Networks, also has a Newsletter for which you may register.

And, not to be outdone, a portal from Australia offers dozens of links offering free books (The URL lists “” as the point of origin. This is Pakistan according to NORID: Domain Name Registries around the World )

In the US, the University of Pennsylvania Library seems to be recognized as “the library source” for links to free books (of all kinds). But its number of offered books pales when compared to the HealthTrust Digital Library with its 3 million plus books in the public domain. (It is composed of books chosen by several academic libraries for academic research content qualities.)

The University of Sheffield (UK) Library  has a general overview of British & European Open Access publishing with several links listed at the end.

South American aspirations are outlined in the recent press release from SciELO (Brazil)  previously known for its Open Access journal publishing/linking within Latin America. And also from Latin America comes Open Access eBooks Part Four – CLACSO  “CLACSO-Latin America Social Science Council’s open access and interoperable institutional repository offers open access to the full-text of a collection of 692 books published by CLACSO” [Found in Open Access eBooks – 5 Part Series, by Ellyssa Kroski — November 2, 2012, here]

Individual publishers are listed at Scholarly Open Access: Critical Analysis of Scholarly Open-Access Publishing .And, all of these give credit for the idea to the founder of Project Gutenberg  and all the allied associates.

You will learn the elements of an enabling environment necessary for project sustainability, the design of sector strategies, and the ingredients of individual project quality sustainability.

As with all new ventures, there is some risk, DKA experienced staff will educate you on the substantive and the institutional aspects of the design, the appraisal, and the implementation of development projects to ensure their sustainability and mitigate the risks of conflict.