Intercultural Ministries Concentration

 Intercultural Studies

Course Description

The program has three cores of emphasis: biblical and theological, intercultural skills and knowledge, and a regional or ministry concentration.

  • Those with a specific interest in an overseas intercultural setting can choose from the following: Africa, China, Middle East, Latin America, Food for the Hungry (GoED Program), or Linguistics as their area of concentration.
  • Students who wish to follow a traditional broad-based missions track for overseas missions without a specific regional focus will be well-served by the Cross-Cultural Ministry (Missions) concentration.
  • Students wishing to prepare for intercultural ministry in the United States can choose from University Ministry, Urban Ministry, or First Nations Ministry concentrations.

The Intercultural Studies major integrates classroom learning and theory with field experience. Students spend an extended period of time in the region or ministry context of their concentration learning language, studying the culture, art, government, history, and economics of the area as well as learning to communicate the Gospel in a diverse cultural setting. This program exceeds educational requirements for Assemblies of God ministry credentials.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates with a degree in Intercultural Studies will be able to:

  • Apply Scripture using proper hermeneutical principles in the ministry context.
  • Assess distinct viewpoints on theological topics.
  • Articulate a biblical philosophy of ministry.
  • Demonstrate core inter-cultural competencies in an applied cross-cultural ministry setting.
  • Articulate the biblical mandate given by Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations.
  • Demonstrate integrative knowledge and skill in theology, history and methodologies of intercultural Christian mission.
  • Assess cultural and contextual issues towards the development of cross-cultural Christian service.

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