Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy

Course Description

The Physiotherapy B.Sc. at DKA is a popular modular program that offers both classroom and clinical-based experience.

Our program  covers theoretical disciplines including human anatomy and physiology; therapeutics; cardiorespiratory, neurological and musculoskeletal physiotherapy; psycho-social aspects of health care, as well as professional codes of conduct; cultural competence, ethics, research and study skills.

Additionally, you will engage in learning opportunities involving other health professionals within the University and Hospital Trusts when on placement, which will enhance your multidisciplinary team-working skills.

Learning Outcomes

Practical skills for professional practice are taught and assessed throughout the course. You will take your first placement in Year 1 and undertake an additional five placements throughout the program, completing a minimum of 1,000 hours.

Learn to excel in your career field, develop leadership skills and impact your world with transformative hope and accomplishment.