Department of Computer Science

Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Course Description

 Gain the competitive edge you need to become a leader in the field of cybersecurity with the DKA Master of Science in Cybersecurity (MSC) degree.  In the program, you’ll gain the skills you need to design and implement robust cyber security solutions to prevent and detect cyberattacks.

Whether you’re a cybersecurity professional, or you’d like to advance in your information technology career by adding cybersecurity expertise, the DKA master’s degree in cybersecurity offers  a broad foundation of relevant, practical skills that will give you the competitive edge that you need to seek employment or advancement in a variety of areas, including intelligence, computer forensics, IT management, and security engineering.

Learning Outcomes

In the program, you’ll focus on best practices in information security, including advanced prevention, detection, countermeasures, and recovery.  You’ll also learn to implement training, provide security management, and collect evidence. In addition, you’ll develop a project plan for a security assessment utilizing the Project Management Institute’s (PMI)

Core classes include Information Security Systems and Organizational Awareness, Intrusion Detection Attack and Countermeasures, and Information Security Project Management.

Master of Science in Information Technology

Course Description

Dale Kietzman Academy’s  Master of Science in Information Technology(MS-IT) provides IT professionals with the advanced knowledge to manage the increasingly complex information systems in use today.

Students in this program will gain a broad technical understanding of current and emerging technologies in the industry, a familiarity with systems engineering concepts, and a solid foundation in net-centric computing. They will also have a firm grasp of current and future effects of the convergence of the telecommunications, media, and information technology sectors.

Learning Outcomes

Faculty with both academic credentials and industry experience provide a practical perspective.  Under their expert guidance, students will study real-world problems and opportunities with software-intensive systems, and learn methods to evaluate, adopt, and exploit emerging technologies. MS-IT students will be working closely with fellow IT professionals to complete class assignments within teams, in order to prepare students for the real-world work environment and build their professional networks.

Learn to excel in your career field, develop leadership skills and impact your world with transformative hope and accomplishment.