Please consider making a tax deductible gift to Dale Kietzman Academy. Your generosity today may impact generations to come. Knowledge is the gift that awakens dreams, releases success and transforms people.

When you Give… You Express the heart of God your father. His nature is to give.

When you Give… You help break a downwardspiral of poverty in another’s life. Our students are taught how to fish for a lifetime.

When you Give… You start ripples in a pool human salvations. The graduates of our schools will take the lights of God’s love to others.

When you Give… You help transform nations at the  socio-economic and personal levels. As graduates became interwoven in society and helps life theier nation to new heights.

When you Give… You release faith in God’s power to transform lives. You express God’s love throught your own life. You proclaim God’s  hope for the world:eternal life

Thank you for your generous gift.